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Monday, 7 May 2012

An Unscrupulous Rolex Retailer In Singapore

An Unscrupulous, Infamously Corrupted Rolex Watch Retailer In Singapore.




Wednesday, 13 July 2003
An Untold Truth Biography

Singapore infamous  &  Unscrupulous Rolex Watch Retailer.  

Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd, located at Nos 1 Park Road, People Park Complex and ground level, Lucky Plaza Orchard Road retail mainly Rolex watches. It is one of the oldest and most renowned unscrupulously corrupted Rolex watch retail establishment in Singapore. Few Singaporean and tourists alike are aware of the "dark secret"associated with this retailer, it's founder Mr Lee Seng Inn and the private Lee family that operates this establishment. Before you even indulge into buying a Rolex watch or other branded watches from Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd, it would be wise and knowledgeable to know the "Untold Truth".  Blog like http://taihonghungchronicle.blogspot.com/  & http:// taihonghung44.blogspot.com/  have been around since 2003 to reminds Singaporean and tourists the unscrupulousness of this corrupted company. Tai Hong Hung (Pte) Ltd, is one of a handful of authorised sole agents for  Rolex ,Omega Seiko brands watches in Singapore .

To begin with , Mr Lee the founder was never a philanthropist in his lifetime but a noticeable scrooge to all who know him. My father was a known serial womaniser having lived a philandered lifestyle even after marrying his third wife, Mdm Han Soon Boey. Beside running a front legitimate watch retail business, he operates countless illegal businesses, like smuggling, prostitution , horse betting and gambling dens in several parts of Singapore. As a young boy, I was used to the norms and frequency as to how he transformed  our secluded Bukit Tunggal home at Chancery Land into a illegal horse betting centre every Saturday and Sunday.  There  he operates 6 - 7 phones lines receiving and placing bets islandwide. He personnal relationship with Singapore police officers in the 60's and 70's enable him to competently bribe himself  out of every complex situations whenever trouble occurred. Our secluded cal de sac bungalow perch on a quiet hill was a perfects place to enriched himself. Coincidental, our bangalow was just a stone throw away from the former PAP minister who committed suicide when detail was made know about his allege corruption. Mr Lee leisure was non other then his bachelor pad cum hideout at 27 Balmoral Park. This quiet private apartment on the slope of Balmoral Hill is where he would conduct his frequent "Fix's" of more illigal gambling. womanise and prostitution activities . Tai Hong Hung, through the early years avoided high company taxation from IRAS by paying high directors fee to himself and his director's childred.
Undeniably, TAI HONG HUNG PTE LTD ,  initial seed funding to operate as a legitimate watch and clock retail company was from every unscrupulous means possible.

Mr Lee was a poor peasant from rural China wanting to make a better tomorrow for himself.

My elder brother, Lee Wee Tong was a good for nothing brat. The saddest and shocking incidence I could candidly remember till this very day was the moment and time when I return from school and my sister was crying uncontrollably after knowing that he had tried to rape my sister, Hwee Min at our 84 Jalan Seaview home. My grandmother save the day when she heard my sister plead. This brat still works at the People's Park Branch till today.
Greed, nothing but PURE Greed runs in this unscrupulous family.  
These Unscrupulous, despicable spoilt scumbags siblings who had enjoyed a lifetime of luxury lifestyle under the wealth of our late father, still ain't satisfied with the millions in their personal bank account that they would even cheat an innocent sibling of his deserving shares. 

Cheated / Tricked and Dumped" with only just S$140k for my majority 20,000 shares of Tai Hong Hung. These unscrupulous sibling knew the value of my shares which was worth closed to $$3 million in 2011. The company does not pay a single penny on rental for both the retail at all. We owned these retail premises, Lucky Plaza and People Park and office units are fully paid off. The truth value of my shares are worth over S$3 million Singapore Dollars then.
The total company nett worth, together with properties and assets was valued at over S$ 27m in year 2000. Just look at these unscrupulous cheats, dress up a exemplary  Christian in the name of "GOD" and a black Bible in hand on a Sunday but when it comes to the other workweek, "Satan" was their truth guiding god.

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This Blog tells the TRUTH, the Whole TRUTH nothing but the Very TRUTH .

As a whistle-blower, my objective is to shame my siblings, their continuous pursuit for unscrupulous greed and dishonest wealth in our competitive & materialist driven society like Singapore.

Justice must be served at all costs ! Greed and Unscrupulous deeds must be out rightly exposed.

The public can judged for themselves why Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd and their unscrupulous shareholders chose to remain silent & totally quiet about this blog.
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Why would a multi- million dollar Private Limited company like Tai Hong Hung which retail  luxury Rolex time-pieces for over 50 years with assess of over S$40 million in value Singapore Dollars "sit still" at these "malicious lies"  if they were totally untruth or with malicious intent.

Suing for libel defamation or commencing any civil actions is never an option but a serious liability for Tai Hong Hung Pte Ltd and its unscrupulous corrupted shareholders. They are fearful of washing  their unscrupulous "dirty laundry" in public.

Public scrutiny is their "Greatest Fear".

Again, this Blog contains the TRUTH, the Whole TRUTH nothing but the Very TRUTH .



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